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Double Oak Rope Swing - 97cm x 22cm Seat

Double Oak Rope Swing - 97cm x 22cm Seat

Lovely double traditional garden tree swing for Adults or Kids with large wide seat, perfect for a couples love seat, wedding photos or just for hours of fun for the whole family. With optional personalised engraving. 


Made to last a lifetime of fun. can be fitted to tree branch, pergola and also great as a replacement for the garden swing frame. Make it unique with personal engraving. Add a house name, kids names, anniversary date, wedding, birth date or your favourite quote making it the perfect addition  to your garden or gift for any occasion.



97cm wide x 22cm deep x 3.5cm thickness, 90cm between the ropes for bottoms

Large seat suitable for all ages above 3 years
One single length of premium prime grade kiln dried oak (not jointed)



Optional personalisation on one or both sides, in capital or lower case and even a little pic, I have a star, heart, oak leaf and flower as my standard images. Engraved by laser at approx. 2mm depth.


Simply write the text as it should appear on the swing eg:

1 side = MR & MRS HENDRIX

2 side = MARRIED 2022


1 side = (heart image) Chloe & Ben (star image)


The standard font size I use (as pictured above) enables 40 capitals or 52 lower case letters to fit, this includes any spaces or images. You are able to have more letters but note the text will be reduced in size the more you have. 

From 3 metres up to 10 metres each side of 16mm thick rope. I use premium quality polyhemp soft touch rope which is soft on the hands and very hard wearing, its also rot resistant so can be left out all year round. The swing comes with the rope looped through the seat and hand spliced together giving a lovely characterful traditional look.


To measure the rope length needed:

1. measure from floor to the hanging area/bough

2. minus the amount that the seat height will be from the floor, I generally recommend approx. 65cm seat height from floor for family use or so the tallest user can tippy toe while seated. allow for a additional length to go around the area 2 times and have approx. 50cm extra for fixing the rope clamps. to calculate a branch circumference simply multiply its diameter(thickness) by 3.14..


Its always better to have too much than too little so if you need more than 10m no problem just ask..


Fixing swing:

Supplied with 4 steel rope clamps, simply wrap the rope around the branch or frame 2 times add the clamps then tighten up the nuts with a spanner.. Done! If you would prefer to fit the swing with a knot that's no problem as in the box will also be info and link to video on how to tie the 'swing hitch knot'.



The oak seat is finished in an external UV protecting refined oil which penetrates deep into the oak and provides long term protection while allowing the oak to age gracefully and develop a natural patina as it weathers over time. More maintenance info supplied in the box.


Just get in touch if you need something custom as I am more than happy to get the right solution for your needs

    PriceFrom £195.00
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