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Chopping oak 23wm BS.JPG
Double Oak Tree Swing
tree rope swing Family luxury 3wm.JPG
Coastal Artwork Oak & Glass Coffee Table Large Traditional 16wm.JPG
Door stop engraved 1 (2)w2.JPG starburst oak coffee table 4w.JPG
Tree Swing Large Oak 2wmD.JPG
Lulworth Dining 1wm L_edited.jpg Non combustible mantel beam Angled Slate Grey 2wm.JPG Non combustible mantel beam Classic 75 Natural Stone 9.JPG
tree rope swing Double luxury 3ww.JPG Non combustible mantel beam Classic 55 Slate Grey 12wm.JPG

Stapehill Workshop is a small business specialising in non combustible Fireplace Mantles, floating Shelves, custom oak rope swings, personalised oak products and unique handmade furniture. run by me Stuart Poole and my partner Jackie at our rural country workshop in Romsey Hampshire UK. I have a passion for woodwork and love to create unique products that last a lifetime. All items are handmade by me personally with a great attention to detail using only sustainable materials and timbers from mills supported by the FSC.

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