Your Childs Real Handwriting - Tree Swing Engraving Service

Your Childs Real Handwriting - Tree Swing Engraving Service

Unique tree swing engraving service to us here at Stapehill Workshop


I am able to scan your child's handwriting and engrave it exactly as is appears, simply choose the oak tree swing you want from my shop without the standard engraving and add it to your basket. then add this service to your basket, email me a photo along with your name or order number, that's it. I will do the rest.


Get your child to write their name, quote even a little pic or two on a piece of white paper in a black felt tip pen then take a photo, email it to I will then upload the image to my system and generate an image of your child's handwriting which I will then scale to the right size to fit the swing. My premium laser engraver will then engrave it at approx. 2mm depth into the swing face exactly as your child wrote it..


You can have as much practice writing as you want on the piece of paper just cross out the bits you don't want and circle the bits you do. If they write their name nice on one part of the paper and draw a little image on the other that's fine I can put them together for you. Our little ones don't always get it right first time!!


If you have any questions or want to confirm a request before purchasing just let me know.


Dispatch of your swing will be 3-5 working days following receiving the photo from you, no rush to get the photo to me, allow yourself as much time as you like.

    PriceFrom £40.00