Rustic Oak Tree Swing - Monkey/Button Rope Outdoor Garden Swings

Rustic Oak Tree Swing - Monkey/Button Rope Outdoor Garden Swings

Great garden swing for little ones and the young at heart

Handmade by me Stuart Poole at Stapehillworkshop UK. The seat is made from premium solid kiln dried oak with a sawn textured surface lightly sanded then finished in refined rustic tint external oil. Made to last a lifetime of fun and memories. Perfect for garden trees or as replacement swings for your existing swing frame.

30cm long x 16cm wide x 2.7cm thickness suitable for kids and adults

Supplied with up to 10 metres of rope (from seat top) with optional climbing knots added approx. 70cm apart. I use premium quality polyhemp soft touch rope which is soft on the hands and very hard wearing, it can be left out year round in all weathers as it is rot resistant. The swing comes with the knot under the seat and a small amount of rope fray for a lovely characterful traditional look. longer rope can be supplied on request.

To measure the rope length needed simply measure to the bough from where the seat top will be then allow for a additional length to go around the area 2 times and have approx. 50cm extra for fixing the rope clamps.

Tip: to calculate the branch circumference simply multiply its diameter(thickness) by 3.14.. if you have any questions or you would like me to calculate the length needed just get in touch.

Fixing swing:
Supplied with 2 steel rope clamps, simply wrap the rope around the branch or frame 2 times add the clamps then tighten up the nuts with a spanner.. Done!
If you would prefer to fit the swing with a knot that's no problem as in the box will be info and link to video on how to tie the 'swing hitch knot' which is very good also.

just get in touch if you need something custom as I am more than happy to get the right solution for your needs

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